I remember receiving a Minolta SLR camera as a birthday gift from my parents at the age of 10. From that point on, photography became a formative part of my life.

My early morning newspaper round helped pay for the many rolls of Kodak that wound through that camera over the next few years.

After school and college, I landed a job as a trainee photographer at the local newspaper, The Richmond & Twickenham Times. It was a significant moment, taking possession of my first company Nikon camera, The FM2.

Learning the magical technique of film processing and printing was very rewarding. One of the benefits of growing up with film in your camera, rather than a silicon chip, is that it teaches the photographer to be disciplined with exposure. I soon learned that trying to print from an over or under-exposed negative was a compromise.

My career as a photographer has taken me on a journey from Richmond to Fleet Street and beyond. From 35mm to medium format, from medium format to large format, from manual focus to auto-focus and from film to digital.

Nowadays I enjoy shooting interesting places and unusual spaces, stylish interiors and property related work. I am drawn to using the architectural form of my subject to dictate the composition.

My client list includes interiors magazines, architects, interior designers, property companies and manufacturers.

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